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Corre Lola, corre!


New year, new comment... -_-

How sad.

I suppossed that we all should use this space to talk about what's bothering us about the RW, but then again, don't we all bitch and yell about the injustice of the RW in the RW?, I could do it here too, but then again, I'm just here because I want to have fun, look around for new fanfictions, groups or stuff I guess xD Or ... I could use the power of LJ to warn the others of the injustice of my teachers, boss, parents, etc etc @_@.

... Nah

I'm just gonna sit here like a little good girl and wait for Hannibal Rising! xD

I guess this is getting pretty much random.

Pd. Acabo de descubrir que Naruto en español es un asco y que practicamente aniquilo el amor que le tenia, supongo que no ha de haber sido mucho o.O, oh y que Cartoon Network volvio a quitar Static Shock *gasp*, que acaso no sabian que yo madrugaba para verlo??!!.

El Regreso

Heh, nice, this thing is still alive.

It's incredible all the things that you leave behind, when you fall from a fandom, like +Yu-Gi-Oh!+, I was totally obsessed with it, I'm re-entering it again, but it is not the same.

Now I'm back, still in love with YGO, but the fervor... its just not the same, I suppose that my new fandoms are getting stronger, how sad is this?.

Fuck, this thing sound so pathetic, incredible what 'boreness' does to your braincells, and even more pathetic, that this post is -once again- wasted, but yeah XD.


The horror ... Of my second post

Wow, I finally decided to give 'another' try at this journal thing, so beware people, I'm gonna use it.

Finally I got "Descendants of Darkness", everything was nice, and I was elated, but then I decided to give a try at the dubs.

Big mistake.

I mean, I totally loved the dub in "Fruits Basket", I was expecting the same. Poor me.

But you know something, I still love them.

*No puedo creer que solo escribi para quejarme del estupido doblaje, necesito salir mas a menudo -.-

First post ... heh

Que chafa, es increible lo que hace la obsesion por unos fics de Yu-gi-oh! y si, no tengo vida si eso me van a decir.


Pff, ya chafearon los Links



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